25 October 2010

...Or forever hold your peace: I {heart} Taylor!

Taylor Swift's new album, SPEAK NOW is coming out today!!!

Taylor makes me relive the giddiness of the days when I was a boy band fanatic. I want to read every article, watch every television interview, and catch every Internet leak before all my friends. I'm only mildly embarrassed of my girl-crush on Tay Tay 'cause I mean, really, what's not to love? I just can't get enough of her!

I think Taylor's magic comes from the fact that she can make any tired, guarded, grown-up woman travel back to when she was 14. When life was as simple as passing notes to your best friend in the cafeteria, and when first love was totally fearless, with total abandon.  My girlfriends and I swear Taylor covertly spies on us, and that every song she's written is secretly about one of our own exes. How does she know?

Taylor's lyrics universally speak to the experiences of growing up, falling in love, falling out of love, and trying to navigate a big, scary world.  I think that's where her appeal lies. 
That --and the fact that she's sickeningly cute, humble, and talented.

Alright, enough girlish swooning. I'm off to snag a copy of Speak Now and listen to it repeatedly while scribbling T-Swift's name all over my notebook.
Taylor Swift
My talented friend Waytao Shing took this fabulous picture.
See more at www.flickr.com/wshing.

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