Whose Reality is it Anyway?

I have always been a lover of words.

While other kids played in the street, I sat on my porch with a pile of books and my latch-key journal. Read and write. Read and write. Read and write.

My writing has been many things to me along my journey. It has been innocent love poems to my mom. It has been innocent love poems that would never be heard by my girlhood crush. It has been an escape route, like the secret underground tunnel from my teenage bedroom to any-place-but-here. In college, it fell to the depths of "mandatory work," and for some time I resented it because I could not own it in all the ways I wanted.

On the twenty-something front, I'm just trying to figure it all out. The grind can really take it out of a girl. It can squelch the fire of the dream. It can raise some doubts.

The Reality Quotient was inspired by a quote from Ralph Marston: "Your dreams, minus your doubts, equal your reality," and by a challenge from a friend to get back to the words because, more than they need me, I need them.

The Reality Quotient is my writer's playground. A place to figure it out, to create, to inspire, to share, to receive, to learn, to grow.