21 October 2010

Gleek Nation: Too Hot for TV?

The television show Glee is pop culture right now. The music, the fashion, the drama-- those kids are all the rage! In real-life, the Glee actors aren't kids; they're mostly twenty-somethings on the rise, and some of them are making waves. While the cast has graced the pages of US Weekly and Rolling Stone alike, a handful of cast members recently made the cover of an unlikely publication.  GQ, anyone?

Glee Rachel Finn Quinn
See the entire GQ spread here.

Expectedly, the Parents Television Council has strong feelings about Lea, Dianna, and Cory's racy new glossies.  Representatives have frowned upon GQ's sexualization of Gleeks, professing that "'Glee’ is only masquerading as a family show and is far from appropriate for young viewers."  While I applaud the values of the PTC, and their effort to help parents make informed decisions, that statement was a little far-reaching.

I'm not a parent yet, and nowhere near qualified in these matters, but I never categorized Glee as a 'family show' in the first place.  Glee does boast cutesy teenage characters who can belt out the tunes, but the show is not to be confused with its sparkly alter-ego, High School Musical.  The first season featured a pregnant-at-16 Quinn and a more-than-mildly inappropriate Kristin Chenoweth portraying a washed up drunkard.  Not exactly fodder for the growing 8-year-old mind. To say Glee feigns family show status would be like saying Jersey Shore is posing as a lifestyle documentary.

FYI:  Glee's FCC rating is TV-14. 

Leave this one for the big kids.  And cancel little Johnny's subscription to GQ. It's simply irresponsible parenting.

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