09 November 2010

No Problems, Mon!

I haven't posted in a while because I spent last week sailing the high seas with my sweetheart in the comforts of the Carnival Conquest fun ship . It was a fabulous vacation and the most fun, interesting week I've ever spent.

My favorite port by far was Jamaica. The island is more beautiful than anything I've seen on television. It's tropical and marshy, beachy and mountainous all at once.  The best part of Jamaica was the people, though.  Our guides and strangers we encountered along the way were so friendly and the culture is just so laid-back and free-spirited.

 I'm also fascinated by language and by the ways different people use the same language.Our tour guide taught us three common phrases in the Jamaican dialect, English Patois, which combines phrases and words from English, African, and Irish decent.

"Yeah, Mon" is used as any affirmative answer. It's a very wide-used word, and not only in slang. My boyfriend answered an elderly man by addressing him "Yes, sir"  and the man told him that if he really respected him, he'd say "Yeah, Mon" and save the Sirs for America!

"No Problem" is used a lot in making deals and also in answering yes. In Jamaica, there are no problems, only situations!

"Irie" goes behind feeling good or doing alright. It means you are at total peace and feeling good vibes from your day, surroundings, etc.  So when someone asks how you are, you answer "irie."

Just some fun tidbits from my trip! I will post some pictures and more about our adventures later!

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  1. Super jealous of you right now! But I bet you had TONS of fun. Can't wait to see some pictures.