07 December 2010

Immanuel: The Reason for the Season

Christmas is upon us.  I'm so proud; I've nearly completed my shopping. Thank you, God, for Amazon!

Sunday in church, our minister talked about what Christians merrily dub "the reason for the season," better known as Jesus Christ.  It is so easy to get caught up in all the hooplah of holiday shopping and office parties and forget why we celebrate.

What really touched me was how Max Lucado interpreted the story of Christmas.  He said that what some may refer to as the most important moment in history was clothed in so much normalcy.  An ordinary Joe and Mary had a baby in a homely manger. They were in Bethlehem to pay their taxes, as most ordinary people are required. And yet, THE something miraculous came of it. 

God makes ordinary moments extraordinary.  He makes normal people reach their potential.  He walks among us.  Immanuel- "God with us."

I thought I'd share this video. It really captures the spirit of Christmas. The Opera Company of Philadelphia turned a stressful, hectic shopping holiday into a miraculous moment to behold.  They really raised the spirits of some Macy's shoppers, and this video has lifted my heart. Enjoy!

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